Helping Youth Discover Their Potential

Who We Are

In the spirit of boundless opportunity and shared abundance, House-Raising passionately aspires to reshape the futures of at-risk youth aged 10-25 and their families. Through dynamic holistic diversion programs, arts- and trades-based mentorships, and educational brilliance, we envision a community where juvenile delinquency gives way to a tapestry of untapped potential.
Our mission transcends intervention, ushering in a transformative era where each participant not only diverts from the legal system but also discovers a world of boundless opportunities, fostering connections and prosperity for generations to come.

What We Do

In our core program, Holistic Diversion, we provide youth, and their families, a year long opportunity to address the underlying causes to their criminal and delinquent behaviors, while fostering their talents and skillsets allowing them to see and engage in more positive opportunities. Accountability of criminal and delinquent behavior will be an important part of the service provided, however, it will not be the primary focus as we build a network of community support.

Pairing a youth with an arts or trades based business for exposure and an apprenticeship of that art or trade. This connects a youth with a mentor, an in demand skill, their community and prosocial outlet.

An assigned team of staff will explore areas of concerns, provide recommendations and referrals for services, ensure court and program compliance while taking accountability of criminal behavior.

Specific support to address the barriers and stressors a family is facing that could potentially negatively impact their child. Advocate and guide families to appropriate services. 

Exploration of a youth’s interests, ability to enhance and discover entrepreneurship and basic living skills, with the option of credit recovery and obtaining their GED. Provide support and guidance in obtaining prosocial activities.  

Why We Do It

At House-Raising, we passionately advocate for a transformative system that balances accountability for a youth's criminal behavior with the introduction of positive self-reliance and sustainability. Our core philosophy centers around a long-term intensive diversion-based intervention, offering system-involved youth an alternative perspective on the world. Through this approach, we aim to cultivate a profound understanding of self-worth over a year-long journey, supported by their community.
We are driven by a deep-seated belief that this immersive experience will empower youth navigating a challenging transition to adulthood, providing a positive support system and education to steer clear of potential pitfalls. Our commitment goes beyond legal diversion; it is rooted in the unwavering goal of instigating enduring positive changes in the lives of these young individuals. At House-Raising, we recognize the transformative power of our work, creating a community where abundance and opportunity reign supreme.
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